Efforts for safety

Health and Safety Policy

In our role as a member of the Kurita Group, we will guarantee the health and safety of all people working within the company and continue to make improvements to ensure pleasant working environments in alignment with the Kurita Group Code of Conduct and Kurita Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

  1. Complying with laws and regulations related to labor health and safety as they apply to business activities.
  2. Investing in management resources and achieving the maintenance of work environments and fundamental safety of work that take health and safety into account to enhance the capabilities of the workplace.
  3. Promoting labor reforms from the viewpoint of maintaining and improving physical and mental health, and improving productivity.
  4. Maintaining workplace safety and work safety, and appropriately reviewing and constantly improving conditions based on the results obtained.
  5. Implementing risk management to identify potential risks and hazards in the workplace, and making improvements in order to eradicate or minimize all risks of injury and disease.
  6. Acquiring accurate knowledge and experience through education and training programs so that everyone acts with sincerity based on integrity.

Kuritec Service Group Health and Safety Activities

We have established our Company-wide Safety and Health Committee as a pillar of our safety-first approach. Under that body we have also formed safety and health committees and councils in respective business locations, as well as safety and health committees and councils at our affiliated companies. Accordingly, we work to improve our safety and health management practices across our business activities overall, under the direction of such councils.
We endeavor to prevent accidents and other problems through safety- and health-related educational activities, through work environment improvement activities and risk assessment activities at our various workplaces, and through various other efforts as well.

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