Kuritec Service is a member of the Kurita Group which is an industry leader with respect to water and the environment. In that capacity, we have been addressing issues through our precision cleaning services over many years, in terms of facilitating efforts of our customers geared to consistently supplying products, improving quality, and reducing costs, while also effectively making use of the earth’s limited resources.

The electronics industry has been increasingly marked by global competition and the necessity for swift business expansion in recent years. Going forward, it will be important that we address diversifying needs of customers to expand their business operations. To that end, we will engage in efforts beyond our precision cleaning, which is our core business, involving our various cleaning businesses in order to help improve productivity in FPD factories and semiconductor factories, and will also work in a unified manner with our employees and affiliated companies on initiatives geared to achieving further technological innovation and quality improvement.

As a member of the Kurita Group, we aim to act as an entity that Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society as “A creator of unique value to the solution of water and environment”. As such, we will provide substantial added value in a manner distinctive to our precision cleaning business, with each and every one of our employees taking on the task of addressing customer challenges encompassing their initiatives for pursuing safety, improving productivity, and reducing environmental loads. We aspire to achieve growth while gaining the unwavering confidence of our customers, acting as their business partner going forward.

Atsushi Tsuchino, President

Corporate Philosophy

Study the properties of water, master them,
and we will create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony

Core values

We will conduct business activities in a fair manner in order to become a competitive company.
We will ensure accountability internally and externally, while honoring customer confidentiality.
We will enhance our reputation as a company that remains true to its word.
We will conduct business in a manner that places top priority on matters of life and property.
We will manage our operations in a manner that is grounded in our local communities, and will conduct business with a focus on compatibility of economic growth and environmental protection.