Investigative analysis technology

We select cleaning methods that are optimal for protecting base metals and assess end results after cleaning, using various types of analytical instruments. We also analyze the state of contamination and deterioration of various components and materials, at the behest of our customers.
At our Mie factory and Iga factory, we have established research centers where, by combining impurity removal technology that provides the high degree of cleanliness demanded by the flat panel display and semiconductor industries with final cleaning technology and investigative analysis technology, we research and develop technology that will satisfy the varying demands of customers.

  1. Analysis of surface cleanliness
    After cleaning, we check for residual metal ions and other residual particles and materials.
  2. Analysis of deposited film removal
    We check the deposited film both before and after cleaning.
  3. Checking of integrity of components and materials, investigation of finish
    We confirm that there has been no damage to the base metals from cleaning, and we check that the surface finish meets the inspection standards and other requirements.
  4. Analysis of evolved gas
    We check whether any ingredients from the evolved gas in the vacuum cleaning environment remain on the surface of the base metals after cleaning. We also use this to select the drying conditions following the final cleaning.

Example of investigation of finish

Using a microscope, we observe the finish on the surface.
Example of evaluation

Example of analysis of deposit constituents

We observe the minute configurations of deposited solids and analyze the constituent elements. We study the properties of the deposits and decide the most appropriate cleaning method.
Example of analysis

Examples of quality control equipment

We use these to check the cleanliness and integrity of components and materials after cleaning.
quality control equipment